MTV Video Music Awards: Five Things You Didn't See on TV

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    Taylor Swift, MTV VMA's 2014
    Taylor Swift, MTV VMA's 2014 Larry Busacca/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV

    We all saw Beyoncé reign supreme at last night's MTV Video Music Awards.

    Also, on television, we got to watch Miley Cyrus' date for the evening make a powerful acceptance speech on her behalf.

    And let's not forget about that powerhouse opening number and Taylor Swift 's "Shake"-y performance.

    But what was going on when the cameras weren't rolling? In addition to Snoop Dog giving Jennifer Lopez a kiss on the cheek at her seat and Uzo Aduba, Laverne Cox and Taylor Schilling dancing at the side of the stage, here are five things you didn't see on TV...

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    Kim Kardashian, MTV VMA's 2014 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    1. Listen Up: Having tickets for the floor is the most up-close-and-personal you can get with the artists as they twerk, sing and do their thang. But you also have to take strict direction.

    "Move, move, move to the back," a stage manager barked during one of his many commercial break instructions. "That wasn't a suggestion. Please move."

    Another time, he asked everyone to clap if they understood what he was telling them to do.

    Hey, it's live television. Sometimes you have to be stern to make sure the train runs on time.

    2. Key Decision: A nearly nip-slipped Nicki Minaj rushed to her dressing room after her booty-bouncing moves in the opening number only to find she was locked out. She had to cool her butt in the hallway for about 10 minutes before security arrived to open the door.

    3. Best Boss: Taylor left the show for a little bit to hang with her dancers and band at their trailers. "She took photos with them," a source said. Later on, Tay was spotted hanging with Lorde and Jessie J at the Republic Records VMA afterparty.

    Taylor Swift, Lorde, Jessie J

    4. Daddy's Girl: You could hear a collective gasp when Jay Z walked into the auditorium with Blue Ivy in his arms. With just seconds to go until Beyoncé's performance, Kim Kardashian walked by and gave Jay a quick hello and a wave.

    5. Golden Girls: Kim's sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner know who to treat a friend right. They spotted a pal outside the VIP seating area, got him inside and made room for him in their row.

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