Barack Obama, Ariana Grande

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

We so don't have a problem with this new mash-up video!

In a hilarious and brand new compilation video from the "barackdubs" YouTube, President Barack Obama sings Ariana Grande's hit song "Problem." The funny video is a mash-up of clips of Obama speaking at different public engagements, White House press conferences and appearances.

"Hey baby even though I hate ya/ I wanna love ya/ I want you-oo-oo," the commander in chief "sings" in the vid. "And even though I can't forgive you/ I really want to/ I want you-oo-oo."

Obama goes on, "Head in the clouds/ Got no weight on my shoulders/ I should be wiser/ And realize that I've got/ One less problem without you!"


There's even a funny cameo by Vice President Joe Biden. Watch it for yourself!

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