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    Taylor Swift No Longer "Enamored by Romance": My Priorities Are Different Now

    Taylor Swift Courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/LP5/Getty Images for TAS

    Taylor Swift 's Red album was all about heartbreak, but her upcoming 1989 album is all about having fun!

    That's because, as the "Shake It Off" singer told Fusion, she "was very enamored by romance" when she released Red in 2012, but, "at this point [two years later] I'm really just like, 'I wanna be with my friends!'"

    "I wanna define my life on my own terms," she explained. "That's really my list of priorities now, which is different than it was a few years ago."

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    Taylor Swift, Shake It Off YouTube/Vevo

    This time around, the 24-year-old singer wanted her album to be about the positive changes in her life—like, "deciding to spend my time in New York, [and] cutting my hair," and, she explained, adding she'd also "all of a sudden, [become] surrounded by this great group of strong, beautiful, smart women who challenge me and push me forward."

    But Taylor won't be "too overt" in her 1989 lyrics, she said. "My life is all about my friends right now, but I don't have any song that's like BEST FRIENDS ANTHEM," she told Fusion laughingly. "I really am trying to put these messages across subtly and tell stories where kind of those aspects of my life as felt rather than said to you."

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    Taylor Swift, 1989 Album Cover

    The self-described "girl's girl" didn't just create the new music to address her critics though. "Shake It Off," in particular, is "about the girl who's criticizing someone in the 11th grade because she thinks her hair looks stupid," she said, "and then that girl goes and cries in the bathroom because of it."

    "These are the things," she said, "that we go through in every stage of our life."

    And thank goodness we've got T.Swift music to help us through it all!

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