Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Perfume

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Go to a high school and you'll be hard pressed to find any teens smelling like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift .

Why, you ask? Reportedly the sale of celebrity perfumes, most notably Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift's, are at a record low.

Elizabeth Arden Inc. reported the biggest quarterly loss in its history, and apparently celebrity fragrances aren't moving on the shelves. Quarterly sales have taken a nosedive, down 28.4%.

And while it may seem like Bieber's perfumes "Someday" and "Next Girlfriend" are collecting dust on store shelves because of his recent, er, antics—it's more likely that this is a result of celebrity fragrances being less popular in general now.

Take Taylor Swift, for example. The 24-year-old is having a fantastic year, having just relased a new single and has an album, 1989, coming out in October. She's riding a major wave, but her perfume "Wonderstruck," on the other hand, took a a bit of a dip in sales.

It seems, simply, that celebrity perfumes aren't as hot of a commodity that they once were. But, even though Taylor Swift's perfume may not be making bank—we have a strong feeling she's not letting it get her down at all.

Just shake it off, Taylor.  

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