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What We Would Wear: Back-to-School

What We'd Wear, Back to School istockphoto

OK, it's been a minute since we have stepped foot in a classroom—but that doesn't mean that we can't daydream about it from time-to-time. Class bells are ringing all over the nation this week, which means one thing: School is back in session! 

We all know that what you wear on the first day of school matters. It sets the tone for the entire school year, people! Check out what the editors of The Fabulist would wear if we could do it all over again.

Preferably without the Rocket Dog platform sandals this time around… 

What We Would Wear: To the beach

What We'd Wear, Back to School Melissa Hebeler

"Back-to-school always makes me think of denim, so I'd wear this jean circle skirt from American Apparel and pair it with Sam Edelman suede fringed booties and my Wildfox sunglasses. I love this 'Oui' shirt I picked up at my favorite New York City boutique, Cloak & Dagger. It reminds me of French class and on the back it says 'Non.' And I can't face the first day of school without a trusty datebook. I swear by my Tory Burch agenda. If it's not written in there, it doesn't get done."—Emily 

What We'd Wear, Back to School Melissa Hebeler

"If I could re-do my back-to-school look I would for sure take a 'shades of grey' approach. I'd wear my go-to snake print chiffon designer shirt from Marshalls with these charcoal distressed jeans. To totally tie in the monochromatic outfit, I'd accessorize with a pop of red Italian leather backpack and a statement necklace—both from TJMaxx!"—Melissa

What We Would Wear: On a first date

What We'd Wear, Back to School Melissa Hebeler

"A good back-to-school outfit is all about standing out in the right way. After all, your look will set the tone for your school style all year! For this outfit, I wanted to incorporate some of the hottest fall trends into one cohesive ensemble; I'm talking about denim, crop top pencil skirt combos and fringe. The Abercrombie & Fitch denim pencil skirt (which is finger-tip length for those of you worried about dress code) and beaded Forever 21 crop top combo are all about looking casual cool. Paired with the two-tone wedges, a statement necklace and fringed backpack, this look is the perfect blend of fashionable and fun."—Lindsey

What We'd Wear, Back to School Melissa Hebeler

"Going back to school is all about reinventing yourself. I was personally always prone to making a fashion statement on the first day of classes. Yes, that consisted of Britney Spears like knee socks and awkward sweater vests at the time, so needles I would do things a little differently now. My current obsession is a really bold (and comfy!) pair of pants. These are designer track pants from TJMaxx. Since I'm going kind of crazy on the bottom, I kept it simple with a rag & bone chambray shirt on top. I'd finish the look with an understated funky necklace and a wedged heel from Report Signature so that my feet aren't totally killing me after walking from class to class. Last but certainly not least, my planner. Even when I'm out of school this is attached to me at all times. Top it off with the newest scent from Victoria's Secret and there is nothing that is standing in my way!"—Jenna 

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