Jon Hamm, Cardinals

AP Photo/Scott Kane, Larry State/ Real-Time Correspondent

Now this was a good-looking throw. Of course, it could have gone into center field or grazed the first base umpire and still have been a good-looking throw.

Jon Hamm was in the house at Busch Stadium last night to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the St. Louis Cardinals took on (and ultimately beat) the Cincinnati Reds, and—just like the Mad Men star himself—the toss had a certain effortless grace.

The St. Louis native, sporting his usual between-projects beard and wearing a No. 23 jersey, took the field to major applause and had no problem getting the ball to home plate, where Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith was waiting.

Afterward, the two hometown faves shared a bromantic hug and posed for pics.

And what's even better than taking home a precious memory from the ball park? 

A Jon Hamm souvenir bobblehead, naturally.

During a pregame press conference, the actor joked that he would be taking a case-full home with him and would be saving one for pal Paul Rudd, a fan of Missouri's other team, the Kansas City Royals.

"Maybe I'll get one and write something terrible on the bottom of it," Hamm told reporters.

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