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    Jane Fonda Explains Why She Has a Chair With Ryan Gosling's Face on It

    Jane Fonda, Ryan Gosling Chair Splash News

    Earlier this month, Jane Fonda was snapped carrying a chair with Ryan Gosling's face on it.

    The 76-year-old actress was toting that hot piece of furniture around the set of the upcoming Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Because many people found themselves asking why Fonda had a chair with the Gos on it (when they should've been wondering why anyone would not have a chair with the Gos on it), the two-time Oscar winner posted an explanation on her website.

    And? Apparently, that woodwork isn't a personal possession of Fonda's, because as explained, "This chair featuring Ryan Gossling's (sic) face on the seat, figures amusingly in the first episode."

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    Um, hey girl, more details on this super-sexy set prop please?! No dice on that, but Fonda did confirm what we already knew, writing, "Some paparazzi watching the shooting from a cliff across the street posted this photo and the chair sold out over night. Go Ryan!"

    Indeed, the Ryan Gosling Chair, which was one of a series of limited-edition Face Chairs, was listed for sale at a price of $309 on Gilt. There was also also $99.95 delivery charge (because true love ain't cheap).

    And while the final sale, non-returnable item is sold out, you can add your name to the wait list. And let's be honest, everybody's waiting for their chance to sit down on Gosling's—chair.

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