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How "cute" was that ending to tonight's Bachelor in Paradise? After injuring his knee in three different bad-sounding ways, Chris decided that he was going to leave the show and head home. However, he invited Elise to go with him, meaning he could give his rose to Michelle so she wouldn't be eliminated.

That part was cute, but the days (hours? We don't understand the passage of time on this show.) leading up to that rose ceremony basically amounted to an entire distorted Disney movie, or a doomed Shakespearean play. Their love affair has been a semi-romantic disaster that has been truly exhilarating to watch, and we will miss them. Here are 14 quotes that prove this couple is made for each other (or not). Try to guess who said what! 

1. "Sometimes there's a storm just to get to that beautiful rainbow, and Chris and I can make a beautiful rainbow together. I am so positive right now that nothing could ruin that."

2. "I messed up my knee pretty bad, but it's a night date, so stuff could happen. And she's beautiful, and she has a banging body. She's hot, overall, super hot."

 3. "Chris is the perfect prince charming to take me on my first one-on-one. I could not be more happy."

4. "I'm in agony because of my knee, but she's super hot, and I just want to spend the night together."

 5. "Obviously I'm not gonna rush anything. We need to take it slow. Even though I really want something, I can't just let it… you know?"

6. "Elise is extremely sexy. That color is perfect on her. This girl is unbelievable."

7. "Chris means to me hope. Hope that it's worth the wait, it's worth going through pain, and just all this nonsense with mixed signals and guys who aren't ready, and he's so the opposite of that and he's a man who's ready, who knows what he wants, isn't afraid to fight for it, is confident in fighting for it, and doesn't look back." 

8. "I really want to, you know, share a room."

9. "I'm definitely bummed that Chris injured his knee, but I'm not going to let anything get in the way of this amazing adventure."

10. "My knee is definitely in pain, but I want to enjoy her behind closed doors. I'll make it happen."

11. "You will be blessed for being so sweet to me. You will be so blessed."

12. "I like to talk, and I feel like I'm doing a lot more listening than talking, which is fine, but I'm ready to get down and dirty."  

 13. "I came to paradise to find, not just a boyfriend, not just a companion, but I wanted to find my soulmate."

 14. "Oh! My knee hurts."

Dylan who, right? 

So what did you guys think? Aren't they perfect for each other? Won't you miss them terribly? Sound off in the comments!

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