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    Ben Affleck Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Tosses Jennifer Garner in the Pool and Challenges Matt Damon (of Course!): Watch Now!

    Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Facebook

    Pool party at Ben Affleck's house!

    The Gone Girl and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice star became the latest celeb (but only the latest—a star a minute is getting soaked these days) to accept the Ice Bucket Challenge, and he didn't just make it a family affair, with wife Jennifer Garner standing by to do the honors.

    Affleck's Ice Bucket Challenge was also about as bromantic as it gets!

    Accepting his own drenching from Tyler Perry, the Oscar winner explained that he was extending the challenge to four "folks who I know from first-hand experience look good in a wet T-shirt.

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    "So, the first one's Jimmy Kimmel, second one's Neil Patrick Harris, third one's Matt Damon, and the fourth is the lady with the bucket."

    He had barely finished his sentence before Garner dumped the bucket over his head. But seconds after that, he insisted that the fully clothed Mrs. Affleck take a swim with him, so into the pool they went.

    Their daughters can be heard squealing delightedly in the background.

    Meanwhile, as the viral Ice Bucket Challenge continues to light a fire under the Internet, the ALS Association has raised $15.6 million since July 29, according to figures released by the organization today—nearly 9 times' the amount of donations received during the same time period last year.

    And if you weren't aware certainly are now.

    Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Facebook

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