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Only one more week until True Blood leaves us forever, and the end is really starting to hit us, especially in terms of the fact that we've got to find another super crazy show to watch. Luckily, Sundays are jam-packed with TV all year round, so that shouldn't be difficult. Tonight, aside from True Blood, The Leftovers finally shed some light on Kevin's blackouts, some of the New Jersey housewives actually made up after a fight, and Big Brother found bones in the dark. Read on to find out how it all went down!

True Blood: At least it seems that things might end happily for at least a few of our favorite Bon Temps residents. Sam, for one, will hopefully live a happy life with Nicole and their baby after having exchanged the crazy world of Bon Temps for the perhaps less crazy world of Chicago.

Hoyt and Jessica are back together! Or at least they're sleeping together again, after Jessica explained their past, and he and Brigette essentially broke up. Jason comforted the newly single Brigette and also bared his feelings to her, and she taught him how to not have sex with somebody, which was actually very sweet. We kind of like them together a lot. 

Mr. Gus somehow figured out that Sookie knew about Sarah and the cure, so he captured Pam and positioned her under a hanging stake while forcing Eric to give up Sookie's location. This sort of makes us suspect that we might have one last bloody, Sookie-related battle to look forward to in next week's finale, after Bill explains to Sookie that he doesn't want to take the cure so he can free her from being in love with him, or something.

And finally, the best part of the entire episode: Eric finally made all of Ginger's dreams come true by indulging in her greatest fantasy and having sex with her on his throne, except the sex only lasted about five seconds before Ginger awkwardly slid backwards onto the floor in pure, insane bliss.

The Leftovers: We've finally got some answers, sort of, and they're not at all pleasant. Kevin discovered that his blackouts have involved driving to a cabin in Cairo, New York with dog-killer Dean. This time, he had kidnapped and beaten Patti. He came to his senses and set her free, but she had already prepared to die. After explaining that she and Gladys had arranged Gladys' murder, and other GR members would die in a similar way, including Laurie, Patti slit her own throat with a shard of glass.

Meanwhile, after fighting with Aimee over her weird relationship with Kevin, Jill decided to move in with her mom at the Guilty Remnant house, so basically everything is terrible and this show makes us sad.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Amazingly, somehow, Nicole and Amber made up! They both actually apologized to each other, and they seem to be friends now! We're amazed. Plus, we learned a few things from Rino as he taught his son about the family's restaurant business, like "Success leads to money, money leads to any freaking woman in the world that you want." What a quality human.

Big Brother: After Nicole was evicted last week, there are only 8 houseguests left. Derrick and Frankie struggled to come up with nominations with only six people to choose from, and their decisions came down to having the Detonators (Bomb Squad?) draw Skittles from a bowl. Christine had to go up next to Donny (the actual target? Maybe?), and was supposed to throw the Battle of the Block against Cody and Caleb. She tried her best to find no bones for their bone board in the dark (this show has the best competitions), but Donny managed to find them all himself before Caleb and Cody, meaning he and Christine are safe for the week, and we have no idea who could possibly go home.

Side note: We loved watching the houseguests react to the pics of Ariana Grande in Frankie's HoH room. It was clear that most of them had no idea who she was, and only discovered that she was quite attractive thanks to the pictures. 

So what did you watch tonight? What do you hope happens before True Blood ends? Does The Leftovers make you sad in kind of the best way? Let us know in the comments!

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