Harry Styles proposed to a fan the other night and it wasn't you.

During a One Direction concert in Philadelphia this week, the 20-year-old boy-bander noticed a fan in the crowd wearing a wedding dress an appropriately asked the dedicated 1D fan for her hand in marriage.

The lucky fan in question was named Priya Thakker. Priya shared a Vine video of the mock proposal on Twitter, writing, "JUST WATCH THIS VINE OF ME GETTING TO PROPOSED TO BY HARRY STYLES AND REJOICE WITH ME PLEASE KUST DO IT."

In the clip, Styles takes a break from singing and says, "Priya, will you marry me?" After the fake proposal, the crowd erupts with cheers and clapping. Best. Night. Ever!

Needless to say, Priya has been gushing about the once-in-a-lifetime moment via social media all week.

"I wore a wedding dress to a 1D concert and Harry proposed to me thats all," she tweeted. "I'm probably never going to sleep again to be honest. I just keep replaying ‘Priya will you marry me?' in my head IN HIS BRITISH ACCENT OMG."

She also posted, "Remember when Harry said ‘I almost wore my wedding dress...that coulda been awkward.'"

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