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22 Things Movies Make Look Really Easy That Are Actually Really Difficult to Do in Real Life

Hey, we can learn to deal with certain artistic liberties when it comes to the world of making movies. We know that Hugh Jackman isn't about to run up to us in the middle of the street and profess his undying love using a flash mob and skywriting. We understand the difference between real life and the silver screen.

But what Hollywood doesn't seem to get is that a lot every day, normal stuff they have their characters do are actually incredibly hard, and it's border lining on ridiculous to watch. Reddit users listed the most egregious offenses of movies making difficult things look super easy, so take notice Michael Bay:

1. Digging Holes

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"Breaking Bad. There is no way a 22 year old could have dug a hole that big in 3 days much less a 50 year old cancer patient."

2. Swimming Ridiculous Distances Underwater

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"I enjoy a game where every time someone goes underwater in a movie I hold my breath and see if i would survive, even sitting on my couch doing nothing I drown a lot."

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3. Getting High-Level Jobs at an Early Age

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"Seems like all of the hot 24 year olds are high ranking CIA/FBI agents or nobel prize winning journalists."

4. Guessing Someone's Computer Password

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"They'll look around the person's office, make an educated guess or two and wham, all done."

5. Fighting

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"There should be way more broken hands in movies."

6. Hot-Wiring Cars

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"In movies they reach under the steering wheel, and the car starts. An accurate representation would be on National Security."

7. Recalling Specific Faces and Events

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"I swear, bartenders and mechanics in movies have photographic memories."

8. Having Sex

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"They never show the icky bits of sex. Like putting on/removing condom. Or if there's no condom, the..wiping that follows. It's always just so clean and cozy."

9. Pulling Someone Up Using Only One Arm

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"'Oh, you're about to fall off this cliff and plummet to your death? Don't worry, I can fully support your weight with one hand, while also supporting both of us and keeping a strong grip to the clay/dirt with my other.' I'm too f--king weak, there's no way in hell I'd be able to pull you up. Rip bruh."

10. Driving Without Watching the Road

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"You can drive without ever paying attention to the road, and as long as you weave your hands back and forth on the steering wheel, you'll get to your destination safely. Try driving like this."*

*Please do NOT try driving like this. Ever.

10. Hacking

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"It's not that fast, and it's not that easy."

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11. Waking Up From Being Knocked Out

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"Often times the protagonist will be knocked out with a weapon and wake up several hours later and be perfectly fine. Being knocked unconscious hurts REALLY bad when you wake up, and you hardly see any main characters with headaches when they come to."

12. Montaging to Learn Something

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"I've never got it to work, even with 80's music."

13. Waking Up Looking Perfect

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"I look/feel/smell death in the morning."

14. Walking Away From Explosions

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"Very few people walk away from explosions."

15. Facing a Haunted House

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"The first whispering voice or piece of furniture to get thrown across the room by nobody is trip to the Holiday Inn for me. No way would I stay in the house until one of my children winds up in a coma, possessed by a ghost or missing. F--k that noise."

16. Parking

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"They always find a convenient space. How is this possible in a big city?"

17. Kicking Open a Door

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"Especially one on a modern house. You will blow your legs apart trying this without knowing somewhat how to do it."

18. Women Kicking Ass With Unbound Long Hair

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"How do they not get hair in their eyes?"

19. Lock Picking

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"They do it in seconds with a hair clip. Good luck with that in real life dude."

20. Owning an Apartment in NYC

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"And having half the day to do whatever they want on said apartment."

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21. Jumping Through a Glass Window

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"I don't recommend it."

And our personal favorite:

22. Ending a Phone Call Without Saying "Bye"

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"Although I suppose its quite easy in real life if you have no manners."

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