Big Brother, Frankie Grande

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The cat's finally out of the bag: On tonight's episode of Big Brother, we watched Frankie reveal his identity (and the identity of his sister, the illustrious Ariana Grande) to the other houseguests, and things got hilarious. Zach felt that since Frankie was already famous and was playing for charity, there was no way he couldn't win. He was so upset about it that he actually cried.

Frankie hoped the news would distract everyone while he figured out his next move, but it didn't really work. While Victoria screamed with delight, most of the houseguests figured it was all a part of Frankie's strategy. Derrick was convinced it was a brilliant plan, and Christine was pretty sure he was still lying.

After managing to win the power of veto, Zach pretended to make up with Frankie, but it was all lies and Zach had plans to eventually get Frankie out of the house.

Meanwhile, we learned that Derrick has been "cultivating" a relationship with Victoria throughout the whole game, and had even made a final two deal with her. Therefore, when Zach told Victoria about the Detonators, she burst into tears, feeling that Derrick had seriously betrayed her.

When Zach told Derrick about how upset she was, he claimed it was Nicole who spilled the beans. When he confronted all of them at once in front of the rest of the house, Derrick somehow masterminded the situation so that he looked like the good guy.

With Zach able to save himself, Derrick decided Nicole should join Donny on the block. Caleb volunteered to lie to Christine about Nicole having planned to backdoor her, and it absolutely worked, meaning that tomorrow night, we'll have to say goodbye to either Nicole or Donny. 

So who had the best reaction to Frankie's news? Victoria with her screaming? Zach with his crying? Cody with all the bleeps? Who do you think will go home tomorrow night? Will you be as shocked as we will if evil genius Derrick doesn't at least make the final two? Sound off in the comments!

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