It's an unspoken rule that you never judge a woman's weight ("Do I look fat in this?" Answer: no), so you can imagine our shock when Fox News' commentator Keith Ablow criticized Michelle Obama's figure on live television.

No, seriously.

The 52-year-old television personality stopped by the daytime Fox News program Outnumbered on Tuesday, where the panel was discussing the first lady's healthy eating initiative to prevent childhood obesity and encourage better nutrition amongst the American public.

After one female panelist commented that we don't need "the federal government projecting these standards upon us," Ablow opted to share his brutally honest—and entirely unnecessary—opinion, dissing Obama's enviable bod, which has graced the cover of Vogue magazine.

Michelle Obama, Keith Ablow

FOX, Getty Images

"How well could she be eating? She needs to drop a few," he said, setting off a series of gasps from the female panelists.

And to make matters worse, he didn't stop there.

"No, let's be honest...who are we taking nutrition advice from?" he continued. "There's no french fries happening? That's all kale and carrots? I don't buy it."

Michelle Obama, White House Correspondent's Gala

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

He added: "I want some nutrition advice from Barack." (Apparently, Ablow's never noticed Mrs. Obama's killer biceps.)

Unsurprisingly, his remarks didn't go over too well with the female panelists as one even proceeded to reply, "Oh you did not just say that."

Oh, he did. He did indeed. Perhaps Ablow should have his vision checked?

Or better yet, take a serious look in the mirror.

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