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Best of Summer, Hottest Bods

We're halfway through our Best of Summer: Hottest Bods tournament and down to just four sexy stars!

Round three has left us with half the six-packs and rockin' bikini bodies than yesterday's game offered. So who's left?

Zac Efron is going head to head with Joe Manganiello in a battle of the brawn and muscles while Kate Upton and Britney Spears are trying to outdo each other with their killer curves.

While it seems impossible to chose just one hunk and one beautiful babe, we're asking you to vote in round three of our Best of Summer: Hottest Bods tournament now! Come back tomorrow to see which two stars are left and vote for the ultimate summer bod of the year.

Britney Spears, Kate Upton

Twitter, INF

Zac Efron, Joe Manganiello

Getty Images, HBO