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Time Is Running Out for Peter Pan Live! Casting: Could Naya Rivera, Kristin Chenoweth or Justin Timberlake Be Next?

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Peter Pan casting
Peter Pan casting Getty Images, Wireimage

That ticking sound you hear is not the Tic Toc Croc, but something far more ominous: Time running out on the casting of Peter Pan Live!

PPL! (not to be confused with PLL) is down to the wire on casting, needing to lock in actors as the rehearsal dates are, well, apparently, here. NBC president Bob Greenblatt previously said rehearsals would begin Aug. 5 and...Yikes! The cast is far from full.

So far, only three roles have been cast:  Allison Williams as Peter, Christopher Walken as Captain Hook and Christian Boyle as Smee/Father Darling.

Not a peep yet about Wendy, Michael, John, Tiger Lily, Nana, etc…

But fear not! We are here to help. And so are you. We've put together the greatest casting minds we know, and have come up with this list of who we feel would be the best contenders for the remaining roles for Peter Pan Live!, set to air Dec. 4 on NBC.

Now it's your turn to weigh in and VOTE!

Who would be the best actor for each of these remaining Peter Pan Live! roles?


Peter Pan casting, Wendy Getty Images, Disney
Peter Pan casting, Tiger Lily Getty Images, Disney
Tinkerbell, Peter Pan Casting Getty Images, Disney
Peter Pan casting, Mrs. Darling Getty Images, Disney
Peter Pan Casting, Indian Chief Getty Images; Disney
Peter Pan casting, Nana the Dog Getty Images, Disney
Peter Pan Casting, Tik Toc Croc Getty Images; Disney
Peter Pan Casting, John Getty Images; Disney
Peter Pan Casting, Michael Getty Images; Disney
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