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13 Arguments You and Your Roommate(s) Will Inevitably Have

Just because you live together doesn't mean you are bound to get along. So many of us have roommate-from-hell stories or stories about meeting our best friends in our college dorm. No matter the situation, arguments are bound to arise. These 13 fights are basically unavoidable, so tread carefully…

1. Who Gets the Bigger Room

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Honestly, it's the only argument we're concerned about. The age-old question of "Do I want the bigger room or the bigger closet?" and the thought of having the smallest of both is enough to make our blood pressure skyrocket.

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2. Who's Doing the Dishes

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There's always that one roommate that lets his/her dishes pile up until the faucet is buried into oblivion. Don't be that roommate.

3. How the Dishes and Other Chores Get Done

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Sometimes, you get a roommate that is a little more OCD than the others. And sometimes, you get a roommate whose version of "doing the dishes" is pouring an excessive amount of soap into a bowl and rinsing it with cold water without ever scrubbing. These two are bound to butt heads.

4. Getting/Taking Care of Pets

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Who's taking the dog out to poop? Who's going to clean the litter box? Who's changing the fish's water? SERIOUSLY, GUYS, THE DOG NEEDS TO GO OUT. Even the most trivial things aren't going to be easy to get done when you have to duke it out between your roommates. Plus, you can hardly take care of yourself, let alone another human being. Just go the plant route.

5. Having Company Over

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If you're lucky (read: cursed) enough to have a roomie that just, like, reeally enjoys peace and quiet, good luck getting him/her to allow guests over. Sometimes, you just have to give 'em a big middle finger and invite friends over anyway. Proceed with caution.

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6. Having Hookups Over

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Want to have your significant other over for a little slumber party? Well, good luck, because he makes your roommate feel like the third wheel and she is just not having it today.

7. Paying the Rent on Time

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Good luck collecting checks from all five of your roommates, three of which don't even know how to write a check. Do you think they could handle Venmo?

8. The Temperature of the Apartment

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If Roommate No. 1 wants it 65 degrees and Roommate No. 2 wants it 75 degrees, solve for your apartment. Roommate No. 1 is the correct answer because no one wants to live in a hot apartment and sleeping while it's cold is objectively the best thing ever. Argument solved.

9. Taking Out the Trash

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We don't care that you're late to class/work/the renaissance fair…You haven't taken out the trash in weeks so the least you can do is stop by the dumpster on your way out.

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10. Using Stuff Without Permission

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Oh, you're out of styling cream? Sure, help yourself to our Moroccanoil products. Wait, you ran out of Yoplait for breakfast? Definitely, you can take some of our cage-free egg white omelet we prepared last night. Honestly, sharing wouldn't be so bad if one of the parties wasn't always a mooch. 

11. Grocery Shopping

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Splitting the bill evenly always seems like the best idea until there's one a-hole who demands food no one else eats. What then? But taking separate trips is too much of a hassle…so here we are, left to go together and split the bill yet again. If you could buy fewer limeade Oreos, Gary, that would be great because you're the only one that likes them.

12. What to Watch and Record

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There is only so much room on the DVR, and we refuse to have it filled with reruns of Cops and Two and a Half Men. Get better taste in television or get out of the apartment.

13. Leaving Hair in the Drain/Sink

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Possibly the most egregious offense of them all. What have we done to deserve this?! Just the thought makes us sick. Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, rinse that s--t. And don't you DARE make our guests endure the nightmare.

If you find yourself displaying any of these negative traits listed above, please check yourself before you wreck yourself. And know that you are most likely strongly disliked amongst your roommates. We're sorry. Good luck.

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