Mo'Ne Davis

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"I wasn't really into baseball." Spoken like a true heroine who knows not yet her power.

Mo'Ne Davis is everyone's heroine today, after she pitched a shutout game (aka the other team didn't score a single run) and led her little league team straight to the Little League World Series.

Davis plays in Philadelphia for the Taney Dragons. The Dragons crushed Newark yesterday in the Mid-Atlantic regional championship…largely in part due to Davis' badass pitching skills. Just watch:


Despite being a clear frontrunner for the MLB draft (once she's of age and some people get over this whole gender thing), Davis admits baseball may not be her top priority. She's always wanted to play in the WNBA and is still keeping that dream alive. In the meantime, she's got a great winning strategy when it comes to her pitching:

"If I'm pitching, I just go out and throw strikes. They think I throw, like, soft, but then they see my fastball, and they get kinda scared and I just strike 'em out. And then after that, they'll, like, be nice to me. Well, they already are but like, be nice and try to be friendly so I get that feeling like I have to throw it slower to them." 

Bow down.

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