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Guess Which Once Upon a Time Star Auditioned for Peter Pan Live!

Once Upon a Time ABC

A tap-dancing Christopher Walken sounds great and all, but NBC's upcoming Peter Pan Live! could have had a very different Captain Hook: Once Upon a Time's "Hook" himself, Colin O'Donoghue!

"I auditioned and did my my best Christopher Walken impression," Colin tells me, "but it didn't work. They went for the real thing."

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Colin O'Donoghue, Christopher Walken Mireya Acierto/Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Once fans might argue that Colin would make for a better (more swoon-worthy) Hookster, but fear you not: The 33-year-old Irish actor will have his hands full this season on his ABC series, what with the aftermath of that epic kiss in the season finale with Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison). And oh, how there will be swoonage. Can we call it Swan swoonage? Yeah, probably not.

"I can tell you that Emma and Hook are going to go on their very first date," executive producer Eddie Kitsis tells us definitively. "If you notice, they haven't had a proper date. Their dates have been running from time travels and portals and monsters, so they're going to have a proper date." He won't reveal where, other than it won't be over an endless bread basket at Olive Garden, and hints that "Storybrooke's a crazy place."

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Once Upon a Time ABC

Colin/Hook also will be sporting very different clothing this year but the actor insists, "You will recognize me. I can't go into specifics but it's an ‘80's shell suit. It's a nice little number."

And will we get more epic, marathon kisses like we saw in the finale? Colin says he vertainly hopes so, for the sake of the fans, and says adds with a laugh that the finale kiss "definitely seemed to go on for a bit!" Not that Hook and Emma fans were complaining….

Peter Pan Live! is still actively casting for the live production, to air Dec. 4 on NBC. So far Girls star Allison Williams has claimed the title role, Smash star Christian Boyle has been cast as Mr. Smee and Father Darling, and of course, Walken will be your singing and tap-dancing Hook.

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