Diana Kruger, Instyle

Horst Diekgerdes/Instyle

Diane Kruger is InStyle's latest cover girl!

The gorgeous 37-year-old actress graces the magazine's latest cover in a beautiful spread. For the cover, the Bridge star wears an elegant blue dress and gold cuff bracelet.

Kruger opened up to the mag about her signature style and choosing not to work with a stylist. "I started out my career in Europe, in French films, where nobody enlists a stylist," she dished. "When I first came here, I found that people have a team—the hairstylist, the makeup artist, the stylist—and for a time I did that, but I did not like anything they were giving me. I have a basic idea of what I want, and having a stylist just seems way more fuss than necessary to get dressed."

Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson


Kruger also revealed her and Joshua Jackson's love of good food (especially carbs!).

"In L.A., you're the devil if you eat bread," she said. "Josh and I went to Paris over Christmas, and he gained, like, 15 pounds. The bread! White chocolate! Risotto! Pâté! My friend lives out in Normandy on a farm, and she makes her own foie gras. And then the wine. All we did was eat and drink. It was so fun."

Kruger admits she loves France so much, she actually has plans to live there permanently one day. "I consider myself half French. That's where I think I want to raise my children, where I see myself growing old," she said. "Maybe because I'm European, their way of life is very close to what I know. I've always loved Paris. When I went there it was my first time ever on a plane. From the moment I arrived, I was like, I'm never leaving."

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