Daniel Radcliffe is getting naked once again!

In his latest flick What If, the 25-year-old former Harry Potter star has a skinny-dipping scene with co-star Zoe Kazan.

"It was the nicest nude scene I've ever done," Radcliffe told E! News exclusively. "And that is quite a substantial list at this point. We've both done a lot of it."

"This was a nice just skinny-dipping scene that was kind of fun," Radcliffe, who's gone nude on stage and in film multiple times before, added.

Kazan chimed in, "I had pasties on. I wrote ‘Hi, Dan' on them."

"I had a modesty patch on for part of the night," Radcliffe went on. "But then part of the night I was offered, as a man, you get offered a G-string kind of thing. It feels a lot more weird than being naked in front of a lot of people, wearing a weird plastic G-string."

LOL! Watch our exclusive interview with Radcliffe and Kazan for more on their skinny-dipping scene!

—Reporting by James Chairman

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