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    Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Talks Big Bang Theory, Reveals Why "It Would be the Greatest Thing" to be Typecast

    Kaley Cuoco, Women's Health Women's Health

    Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting calls herself an "open book" in the latest issue of Women's Health magazine—and the Big Bang Theory beauty certainly isn't kidding.

    Dishing on everything from her marriage to hubby Ryan Sweeting to the upcoming season of the hit CBS comedy to why she has no qualms about being typecast, the 28-year-old actress doesn't hold back, opening up to her loyal fans while showing off her killer abs on the mag's September cover.

    "I have no idea what they are doing with Big Bang this season," the short-haired stunner—who, along with costars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, recently signed on for three more seasons of the Chuck Lorre-created comedy, at a reported salary of $1 million per episode—admits. "We are going into season 8 which is amazing. If you told me that 8 years ago I would be like, 'Ha ha, OK'....I hope next season we engage wedding stuff, I would love that. If I had to guess Leonard is more of a planner than Penny, which is funny," she said adding, "I feel so lucky we are going to be on much longer."

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    Kaley Cuoco, Women's Health Women's Health

    Clearly, Kaley is grateful for her success, as evidenced by her willingness to branch out of both TV and comedy, although she admits that her first love is sitcoms.

    "I will take any role anyone will hire me on," the thesp reveals. "I am doing a tiny movie in July before I go back to work which is much darker for me. I play a drug addict and I am actually kind of excited about it, I've never been able to do anything like that. I think people probably didn't think that I could. So I am excited to do that side of things."

    Still, despite her can-do attitude, Cuoco-Sweeting admits she has no problem being typecast after playing Penny on the boob tube since 2007.

    "I was telling someone last night, people always say, ‘Oh my god, you're going to be typecast' and if I really was typecast as Penny or the girl next store it would be the greatest thing in the world, then I have a job forever playing that," she says. "That is kind of how I look at it, if this is what I do forever fine, but I'll try and do as many things as possible and experience the whole world of acting, as silly as that sounds, but I love all aspects of it but comedy is definitely number one."

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    Kaley Cuoco, Women's Health Women's Health

    The blond beauty, who told the mag that her "girlfriends kick ass" and called her family "amazing," also opened up about married life with her hubby (the two wed on New Year's Eve after a whirlwind courtship).

    "The best part [of marriage] is that you always have your buddy with you," she shares. "He is always there; my friend is always with me. I have someone to eat with, to talk to, to have a drink with, to cry with to be anything I need to be, he will always going to be there and the same for him."

    No surprise, the lovebirds are still in the newlywed phase and Kaley admits she's loving her new surname.

    "I am lucky because it happens to be a great last name," she says (can't argue with that!). "I love being married, we are so happy. It was the greatest day of my life, it happened fast but it was perfect for us and we could not be happier. I say the word husband all the time when it is unnecessary...I love it I feel totally at home we are so happy."

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