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13 Reasons Taylor Swift Is an Actual Angel Sent From Heaven

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This weekend, we celebrateTaylor Swift 's 25th birthday. That's right. She's been gracing our world for a full 25 years.

We are blessed by Saint Swifty on an almost daily basis. She is an actual angel sent from heaven, and we have proof:

1. Well, for one, she looks like an actual angel

Taylor Swift GIFs
Taylor Swift GIFs

Glowing. Ethereal. Otherworldly. And she was an honorary Victoria's Secret angel and rocked the runway with her best friend Karlie Kloss.

2. She descends down from her throne to bestow love advice to unsuspecting forlorn fans

Taylor Swift GIFs

She is so, so wise.

3. She is a lover of animals

Taylor Swift GIFs

Let's be real, her cats live much better lives than most of us do. That tap water Meredith is drinking is probably filtered using diamonds or something.

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4. She is so good to her friends

Taylor Swift GIFs

"Hey guys! Wanna just come hang out at my giant mansion and celebrate America together?! It will be amazing and everyone in the world will be jealous of our life! I love you guys!"
—What Taylor probably said when she invited all her buds over for Fourth of July

5. She is kind and does things like sing songs with an adorable 6-year-old cancer patient

Our hearts can just barely handle this video, but we watch it over and over again anyway because look at the smile on this little boy's face! 

6. She is most likely not human just based on the fact that she looks like this when she leaves the gym

Taylor Swift 6GSNY/Splash News

When we leave the gym, it's all swass, all the time.

7. She was so moved by a blog post written by a mom who lost her son to cancer that she wrote a song in his memory

"Ronan" was released as a charity single and all proceeds went to cancer-fighting causes. She performed it live at a 2012 Stand Up to Cancer event, but we must warn you, it's a very emotional performance and you will cry. 

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8. Her dance moves can be compared to those of a siren from Greek mythology

Taylor Swift GIF

If sirens used their voices to lure ships to the dangerous rocks, then Swifty uses her bitchin' dance moves. Don't get too close!

9. Her song lyrics touch you deep down in your soul, in places you didn't even know existed

Taylor Swift GIFs

How does she know what our hearts are thinking all the time?!

10. She cruises Instagram just to write inspiring and heartwarming messages on her fans' photos

Still waiting for Taylor to notice all our cat photos.

11. She shows up at bridal showers for fun

Taylor Swift GIF Taylor Swift/YouTube

Because she is in love with love, like a real-life cupid.

12. She's very comfortable in the presence of royals, both British royalty and music royalty

Taylor Swift GIF YouTube

Only angels can do that.

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And lastly, the most important reason she's an angel sent to us from up above:

13. She spends her money and free time on charitable causes

Taylor Swift GIFs

The list of things Taylor has done for the less fortunate is a whole other article in itself, but her being named the most charitable celeb in 2013 should tell you all you need to know. Here are just a few instances of charity work she's been involved with over the past couple of years:

• Donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony (2013)
Invited a young cancer patient to attend the ACMS with her (2012)
Headlined a London benefit for homeless youth (2013)
Donated $100,000 to the Red Cross (2008)
Donated $4 million to a new education center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (2012) 
Donated $500,000 to Nashville flood relief (2010)
Countless visits to children's hospitals
Donated $10,000 to the Horace Mann School for the Deaf (2012)

We love you, Saint Swifty! And to quote the great Beyoncé, we can see your halo.

(Originally published on Tue., Aug. 5, 2014 at 12:55 PM PDT)

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Taylor Swift GIFs

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