Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Barely Miss Each Other at Another Ibiza Party Post-Fight: Get the Details!

    Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber, David Guetta Courtesy of Lindsey LaBate and Jordan Harris

    To think, just moments may have separated the world from Orlando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber, Round 2.

    Ibiza is positively swarming with celebrities right now, but all eyes are on what those two chaps are up to following their run-in Tuesday night at Cipriani. And wouldn't you know, out of all the gin joints, both ended up in the VIP stage area at Pacha last night.

    But luckily (or not, depending on who you poll), not at the same time.

    Bloom was first to arrive and was all smiles up on the stage, but he didn't stick around for long, an eyewitness exclusively tells E! News.

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    Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber, David Guetta Courtesy of Lindsey LaBate and Jordan Harris

    Then Bieber showed up and joined fellow reveler Zac Efron up onstage, where David Guetta was deejaying.

    By then, however, according to our source, Bloom was nowhere to be seen in the VIP area.

    "It was in close proximity of time, but they were never in VIP at the same time, so I'd say one arrived and then left," the witness said. "Bieber was there for a really long time with Efron on stage."

    "Bieber had an entourage for sure," the source added, noting that the singer's pal Khalil was with him the whole time.

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    And perhaps neither celeb any wiser to his ship-in-the-night status.

    "David Guetta let Zac deejay for a sec on the turntables "and "that was pretty cool!" our source said, adding that she couldn't tell when the actor was on from when the superstar DJ was on, therefore Zac must have been killin' it.

    Michelle Rodriguez, who flew into town first and was joined by Efron a day later, was also there, but we're told that she didn't co-emcee at any point with her beau.

    Meanwhile, the party rages on, with Khalil posting more yacht pics and a shot of himself with Bieber Friday, captioned, "Another night in Ibiza."

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