The 11 Best Moments From Orlando Bloom's Amazingly Goofy Victory Dance

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While we can't confirm that Orlando Bloom is doing an actual victory dance after getting into a scuffle with Justin Bieber (and the entire Internet crowning him their king for his anti-Bieber actions), but we're just going to assume it is. Because he is so damn happy in our video above that is must be celebratory, right?

Honestly, who cares why Orlando was dancing? What matters is that he was. And we cannot get enough of his jovial body movements. It's mesmerizing. It's over-the-top. It's intoxicating.

But mostly it's ridiculous.

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And we love every, single moment of it so much we had to relive it. Orly was dancing to "Happy," so press play below to get in the mood. And because we go above and beyond our entertainment duties, we gave each of Orlando's dance moves official names should you want to get down just like Legolas does:

1. The "I'm Not Quite Sure How to Raise the Roof" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs
Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs

2. The "The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of My Fist Connecting With Bieber's Jaw" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs

3. The "Look, Bro! I'm a Seal!" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 3

4. The "I Might Have Moves Like Jagger. Maybe" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 4

5. The "C'mere Girl, but Only for a Second" Dance 

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 5

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6. The "OK, Come Back Here, Girl, and Let's Dance" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 6

7. The "I Played a Pirate, So Let Me Cup Your Face Tenderly" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 7

8. The "Gather Round, Ladies! Want Me to Speak Elvish to You?" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 8

(Basically half of this video was beautiful ladies constantly pawing at Orlando. His life must be so hard).

9. The "Excuse Me, Sir, but You Need to Check Out My Lean Physique" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 9

10. The "The Internet Loves Me" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 10

11. The "Yes, Pharrell. I Am Indeed Happy. Thanks for Asking" Dance

Orlando Bloom Dancing GIFs 11

Thank you for this wonderful gift, Internet overlords. And as always, thanks for all the cat videos, too.

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