This is officially the best thing Orlando Bloom has done all week.

Two days after his punching brawl with Justin Bieber, Bloom proved he is officially over all the drama with an epic dance party in Ibiza.

In a ridiculously amazing video of the actor's epic dance-off, Bloom cuts a rug in the middle of a busy restaurant like no one is watching. Set to the irresistible tunes of Pharrell Williams' "Happy," Bloom proves he's carefree by busting out some wild dance moves like we've never seen before. Bloom couldn't even bear to stop shaking his hips to snap selfies with fans.

Orlando Bloom


Dance, Orlando! Dance!

While the epic video speaks for itself a hundred times over, we couldn't help coming up with a few alternative headlines for Bloom's incredible display of uninhibited joy. Happy Friday! #TGIF

• Orlando Bloom Dances Like He Never Had a Run-In With Justin Bieber: Watch the Epic Video!
• So You Think You Can Dance? Orlando Bloom Knows He Can!
• Orlando Bloom Tries to Fight the Beat, Proves Unsuccessful
• But First, Let Me Take a Selfie! Just Kidding, Orlando Bloom Just Wants to Dance
• The Rhythm Got Orlando Bloom in Its Tight, Unyielding Grasp
• Orlando Bloom Is a Dancing Queen and He Works for His Crown
• We're So Excited and Grateful That Orlando Bloom Is No Private Dancer
• Orlando Bloom Dances Like No One Is Watching, Except Everyone Is
• Live Every Day Like You're Orlando Bloom Dancing in Ibiza
• Orlando Bloom, Dancing King!

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