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    Gretchen Mol's Belated Mommy News

    If the name is any indication, Gretchen Mol is more serious than most about establishing her child into the pantheon of Hollywood babes.

    The 3:10 to Yuma star and director hubby Tod "Kip" Williams welcomed son Ptolemy John Williams in New York on Sept. 10.

    The actress' rep waited more than a month to confirm the delivery news, but issuing the official word was simply a formality. Earlier this month, the 34-year-old new mom began popping up at red carpet events minus her baby bump.

    Last May, Mol announced the pregnancy in much the same way, simply by showing up to events sporting a burgeoning belly.

    In July, she was slightly less coy about her bundle in the oven, telling OK! magazine that the pregnancy was going "pretty smooth" but that she and Williams, who have been married for three years, were going to wait until the birth to decide on their son's name.

    "[I'm looking forward to] just meeting him," she said. "No name. I have a feeling I'm going to end up with a short list—and then finally see who he is, and hopefully he'll say, 'I'm so-and-so.' I have so many girls names that I love, but boys names I find a little more difficult."

    In the end, the couple decided to go old-school in the boys' moniker—so old-school, as it were, that they opted to harken back to an ancient Greek mathematician.

    Ptolemy is the first child for both Mol and the 38-year-old Door in the Floor writer-director.

    The new mom is now primed to devote herself to diaper duty for the time being, having recently completed filming the drama Bay of Pigs and with no other film projects on the horizon. An extended maternity break had been planned by Mol, who told OK! she thought motherhood would affect which roles she might take on in the future.

    "Right now, there are so many unknowns. I don't even know when I'm really going to feel like I want to go back to work," the Notorious Bettie Page star said. "I know that I will, and I will know that I've missed it a lot in my time of not doing it. It will be interesting to see what comes along now that I have this experience.

    "It's hard to know or have some grand plan of what you want to do next, because as soon as you say that, it's not going to happen...I can see myself feeling differently about the parts and being a little more picky about them."

    Williams, however, will make do with being the burgeoning family's sole bread winner, having already lined up a directing gig on an untitled drama revolving around a news reporter sent to the Middle East, starring Josh Lucas.

    The movie is tentatively due out sometime next year.