Eric McCormack, Will and Will


Have you ever watched Will & Grace and said, "This needs more Will." You're in luck.

Eric McCormack stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed the trailer for his "new" sitcom Will & Will. Think The Odd Couple, but with Will Truman…and Will Truman.

"I hate me so much," Will said to Will in the trailer. Will & Will is followed by It's Always Sunny in Willadelphia on Syfy, according to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"It was a joy working with that cast," McCormack told host Jimmy Kimmel.

McCormack starred opposite Debra Messing in Will & Grace for eight seasons on NBC. During the show's run, McCormack took home an Emmy and was nominated for a Golden Globe five times. He's currently the star of TNT's drama Perception opposite Rachael Leigh Cook.

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