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    Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Debuts: Watch Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron Go Into Battle in the Explosive Clip

    The hype for the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer was in full swing after its official debut at Comic-Con over the weekend, and now that the trailer has been released to the rest of the world, we can see why fans can't stop freaking out.

    The epic, nearly three-minute clip features Charlize Theron acting more badass than we've ever seen her before while Tom Hardy brings Max Rockatansky to life in the most explosive fashion.

    "My name is Max, my world is fire and blood," the British thesp says at the opening up the clip before he is seen being chased by a group of cars, which ultimately leads to his capture.

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    Mad Max Warner Bros.

    The insanity which proceeds to ensue is simply a must-see, as Tom Hardy is seen being tortured before he and Charlize, who sports a shaved head to play Imperior Furiosa, take part in some dramatic battle scenes.

    Mad Max Warner Bros.

    The George Miller-directed flick is a reboot of the original 1979 Mad Max movie starring Mel Gibson as the titular main character. Zoë Kravitz, Nicholas Hoult, Riley Keough, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Megan Gale (both of whom we see in the trailer) also star in the post-apocalyptic action film.

    Mad Max Warner Bros.

    In a press conference over the weekend, Miller called the remake an "almost a continuous chase," although he noted that there will be differences between Hardy and Gibson's iconic character.

    "Of course it's based on the same character that they'll play, the lone warrior in the wasteland disengaged from the rest of the world," he said. "But naturally Tom brings his Tom Hardy-ness to it, and the story is different to some degree. The character is different to some degree."

    Mad Max Warner Bros.

    He also opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the old-school stunts in the film and said it was important for the action flick to have a real-life feel. 

    "Mad Max is not a superhero. We don't defy the laws of physics, it's not a fantasy film. It's basically a western on wheels," he explained. "And I think if people see, I know when I see too much CG, that sort of takes me out of the experience. You want to have that sort of almost, I'm not going to say documentary experience, but you want to feel it like you're really immersed, like it's really happening. So we decided to literally do every car that's smashed is smashed, every stunt is a real human being, even the actors do a lot of their own stunts, and so on."

    Mad Max: Fury Road is due to hit theaters on May 15, 2015.

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