Hats. Off. To. Bones!

How many shows can have you literally shimmying in your seat with a preview for their 10th season? None, we tell you. OK, maybe a few. But still, this new season-10 trailer for Bones, just shown at Comic-Con, is on point. And fans now know there will be plenty to look forward to in what may or may not be the show's final season: Lots of action, an array of hot/adorable Booth and Bones kisses, girlfights galore (Get it, Emily Deschanel!) and David Boreanaz channeling what appears to be Dick Van Dyke's character Bert from Mary Poppins, complete with one-man-band apparatus. (Does David do kids' parties? If so...Want.)

Click the video above, which was just shown to fans at San Diego Comic-Con!

Of course, we can't forget that season 10 will start off with Booth in a not-so-great place: prison. Bones and Booth were separated at the end of last season after Booth was arrested for the murder of three Delta Force henchmen who are part of a government conspiracy. (Something tells us he'll pull through, although we do kind of like the idea of David Boreanaz starring in an Orange Is the New Booth spinoff...Hook it up Netflix!)

Bones returns Sept. 25 on Fox, and it might be the last season premiere evah. Or maybe not. When asked if Bones will go on for an 11th season, Fox's entertainment chief said he's gunning for it: "I hope it's not the last year … It's a fantastic series. It's famously moved all over our schedule for 10 years … It's [David and Emily's] last year contractually, so we have to have that conversation. But I hope it will come back."

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