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    Today Is One Direction's 4th Birthday and the Internet Is Freaking Out

    One Direction, Happy 4th Birthday Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

    It's no secret One Direction has quite the online presence, so it's no surprise that when fans remembered that it was the band's fourth anniversary, everyone freaked the eff out. Who knew five dudes meeting could have such an impact?

    Seriously, the Internet was ablaze. Hashtags started trending (#4YearsAgo5StrangersBecame5Brothers is a personal favorite) and teenage girls across the planet continued to swoon over the boy band, just with a little more oomph.

    Things started out innocently enough when Louis' mother tweeted out an innocent reminder of what was probably her proudest moment.

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    The Internet anxiously awaited the band's response and weren't left disappointed. Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan tweeted out appreciation for their fans and everyone along the way. Even the elusive Harry Styles sent out a few 140-character messages. Nothing much out of Zayn Malik, per usual.

    Then things took a turn towards the obsessive... Seriously, how do people come up with some of this stuff?

    Fans claimed to have gained *millions* of sisters and friends out of their ah-mazing fandom. Which is ridiculous because these so-called sisters would probably murder you if they thought you were messing with their chances of getting with Harry.

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    They reminisced on just how lucky they were that 1D even found each other in the first place. It was kismet.

    Fans explained how 1D completely changed their lives for the better…

    …And how the band was there for them WHEN YOU WEREN'T.

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    Fans were in hysterics over the thought of the joyous day the boys officially came together. Just sheer emotional wrecks.

    Literally, One Direction is their everything.

    Congrats on the four years, guys. We're terrified to think what your next few anniversaries will look like.

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