Prince George, Official Portrait

John Stillwell/Press Association;

Just call it the Prince George bump.

As soon as Prince George is photographed wearing something (be it sailor outfits or kangaroo backpacks), that something usually sells out—and fast.

The almost-1-year-old gave us all heart palpitations for being so adorable when he was pictured in an official portrait at London's Natural History Museum running around, arms flailing in a navy polo shirt and a darling pair of denim overalls.

And if you had the thought, "Where can I find those overalls?" you wouldn't be the first. The striped overalls are sold at chic baby retailer Petit Bateau, and they cost a pretty reasonable $45.60.

The only downside? They're already sold out. Naturally. When Prince George gives something his royal stamp of approval, it doesn't take long for it to fly off the shelves.

There's a very similar pair of plain denim overalls (not striped) still available on Petit Bateau, but Prince George didn't wear those, so they're not nearly as coveted.

The sweet navy shoes that Prince George wore, however, are still available. So act swiftly and scoop up a pair of Early Days Alex Pre-Walkers for $38 before they're long gone.

Now the question is: What will the trendsetting Prince George wear tomorrow when he turns 1?!

Celebrate Prince George's first birthday by tuning into Prince George Turns One! at 8:30 p.m. on Monday on E!

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