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    Drake's Best Moments From the 2014 ESPYs: Competing With Blake Griffin & Chris Brown, Becoming Pacquiao, Skylar Diggins Kiss and More!

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    Drake, the rapper, is great. But Drake, the ESPYs host, is amazing!

    Many may have forgotten that Drizzy first came on the scene as an actor (shout out to Jimmy from Degrassi!), but as soon as the 27-year-old hit the stage, fans quickly remembered that he can do more than just rap behind a mike—Drake's got jokes!

    So we thought it was only fair to highlight some of the star's best moments from tonight's award show, from his monologue to the Lance Cam to his skit that included Blake Griffin and Chris Brown (yes, you read that right) to his Manny Pacquiao impression, Drizzy gave us a number of memorable gems that made us laugh during the 2014 ESPY Awards.

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    Drake, ESPYS
    Drake, ESPYS Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    King James Goes Back to Cleveland: Drake had to make mention to LeBron James choosing to go back to Cleveland. "Two years, $40 million. Now look, some people are happy about it, some people aren't happy. Me personally, I think it makes sense financially. You know what $40 million gets you in Miami? A really nice house. You know what $40 million gets you in Cleveland? Cleveland. All of it. You get the whole thing."

    Johnny Manziel's Druggy Text: Making fun of his friend, Johnny Football, Drizzy told the crowd, "I worry about him sometimes. For example, right before I came out here, I got a text from him asking if I wanted to do mushrooms and watch the ESPYs together tonight. Johnny, I hope you understand this is why I couldn't come. But I'm sure this looks amazing to you right now."

    Donald Sterling: Duh. There couldn't be a sports awards show with a mention of the Clippers owner. "We're just a couple hundred yards from Staples Center, which also happens to be as close as Donald Sterling is allowed to get (cut to Blake Griffin)."

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    The Lance Cam: "So many incredible moments in sports this year, but my all-time favorite—maybe not of this year, but of all time—happened during this year's NBA eastern conference finals," Drake said, and cued a video clip of Lance Stephenson blowing into LeBron's ear during a game. "That's one of the greatest things you're ever gonna see in your entire life, OK?"

    But that wasn't all. Drizzy then fired up "The Lance Cam," which is kinda like The Kiss Cam, except you blow into someone's ear. And he did. Twice.

    Richard Sherman's Cockiness: "Tonight a man told me that Richard Sherman is the best defensive player that he has ever seen, and that man's name was Richard Sherman," Drake said. "Richie! You're a cocky son-of-a-b, Richie, I'll tell you that much. Nah, I love Richard Sherman, man. Sherman's my guy, like, he's so entertaining. Richard Sherman pissed off more white people this year than a crowded parking lot at Whole Foods. You know they hate when they can't get their almond milk, you know what I'm saying?"

    Blake vs. Drake: In an amazing skit with Blake Griffin, the two show off their competitive spirits, going at it with different stunts and pranks after they fight over a movie title. Chris Brown even got involved and tried to help Griffin out! These two.

    Singing Time!: Yes, Drake can sing, so he had to show off his pipes during his hosting duties. He performed three new singles, including "Honorable Mentions," which helps promote the idea that "it ain't so bad being No. 2" (and also snubbed Macklemore). He also sang a tune called "Sidepieces" with the help of Brian McKnight, and a jingle about Donald Sterling.

    Wait, Manny Pacquiao?!: OK guys, Drake's humor went on another level, when he gave the greatest impression of the Filipino boxer singing Frozen's "Let It Go." This will make you cry-laugh.

    Can I Dig In?: Drizzy professed his love (yet again) for WNBA player Skylar Diggins by reading a few poems he wrote for her, including one titled "Can I Dig In?" He gets a surprise by Skylar herself on stage, who asks if he can stop all of his romantic advances. He agrees, as long as he gets a kiss. Unfortunately, he only got a kiss on the forehead, but sparks still flew (literally).

    Here's the complete list of winners from the 2014 ESPY Awards:

    Best Male Action Sports Athlete: Nyjah Huston, Skateboarding
    Best Male U.S. Olympic Athlete:
    Sage Kotsenburg, Snowboard Slopestyle
    Best Female College Athlete
    : Breanna Stewart, Connecticut Basketball
    Best Male College Athlete:
     Doug McDermott, Creighton Basketball
    Best NBA Player
    : Kevin Durant,  Oklahoma City Thunder
    Best Female Tennis Player: 
    Maria Sharapova
    Best Fighter: 
    Floyd Mayweather, Boxing
    Best Breakthrough Athlete: 
    Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks
    Best Moment
    : USA Vs. Ghana
    Best Game: 
    Alabama vs. Auburn, Iron Bowl
    Best Play: 
    Chris Davis
    Best Female Athlete:
    Ronda Rousey
    Best Upset: 
    Mercer over Duke, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
    Best NFL Player: 
    Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
    Best Driver: 
    Ryan Hunter-Reay, IndyCar
    Best Male Athlete: Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
    Best Team: Seattle Seahawks

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