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    Nicole Plots Postbirth, Postjail Nuptials

    Nicole Richie's in no rush to the altar.

    The Simple Life star, five months pregnant with her first child, is telling close friends that she and Joel Madden have decided to wait until after the birth to get hitched, E! Online has learned exclusively.

    "She said she doesn't want the baby to one day grow up and think she and Joel rushed to get married just because she got pregnant," reveals a source close to the celebutante.

    "She doesn't want to get married just to say she did it before the baby was born. She wants to do it on their own schedule. And it will be done because they are in love, not because they are up against some deadline."

    The extra time will also give Richie a chance to organize her dream ceremony, complete with a guest list nearing 200. Wedding planners told Richie and Madden that while they could pull off such a huge affair on the fly, it would be tight.

    "It sounded like it could be stressful pulling it all together so quickly," the friend says. "And Nicole said she just started thinking she'd like time to really enjoy planning her wedding."

    But that's not the only reason for putting the nuptials on hold.

    First, Richie has to serve a four-day jail sentence for her wrong-way DUI by Sept. 28.


    "Nicole doesn't want to get married when she's all big and fat," the insider adds.

    With Richie working her way toward her third trimester, her baby bump is clearly visible.

    "She doesn't want to have to get one of those dresses with a high waist, you know, just to hide her stomach," the source says. "She wants to look gorgeous for her wedding photos."

    And so far, Richie has not been skimping on her three squares a day.

    "She's been eating," our source says, "A lot. She said she's always hungry, and she's never been happier about it!"

    As for those rumors that Richie, 25, and Madden, 28, just got engaged over the weekend, when Madden gave her an official engagement ring, a close friend says that's not exactly true. In fact, our source reveals, the couple has actually considered themselves betrothed since last winter.

    "They started wearing matching bands back then," explains the friend. "They just didn't tell anyone about it. But the bands were supposed to be promise rings. So, as far as Richie is concerned, they've been planning to get married since before she was pregnant."

    For now, the vow swap is set to go down at dad Lionel Richie's estate in Bel-Air, but the younger Richie is still scouting locations.

    And will the wedding party perhaps include a certain costar?

    "Oh, yes," the source says, "Paris will definitely be in the wedding!"