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    This Dad Captured His Baby's Curbside Birth on a GoPro Camera—Watch!

    Valet Baby Birth Troy Dickerson/YouTube

    Troy Dickerson didn't want to miss anything when it came to his third child's birth, so he didn't. He really didn't.

    The Texas dad strapped a GoPro camera to his head to capture footage of his speedy race to the hospital when his wife Kristin started going into labor on Saturday, June 28. What he didn't expect was that his GoPro camera would not only catch the drive, but the actual birth of his baby—which took place on the sidewalk of the hospital!

    Regardless of racing down the highway at 95 mph towards a Houston hospital as his pregnant wife groans in pain, Troy just barely made it so that his newborn wasn't born in the passenger side of his car.

    "I can't make it! I can't make it," Kristin can be heard saying in between screams, "We need to stop," but Dickerson continued to drive, trying to calm his wife, assuring her that he would deliver the baby if necessary.

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    Valet Baby Birth Troy Dickerson/YouTube

    A wheelchair was brought out to the car once the Dickersons arrived at the hospital, and Kristin yelled, "His head is coming out!"

    The duo are now both yelling for doctors as Troy is down on his knees getting ready to "catch" his newborn son, who is being born on the curb (this part is all censored in the YouTube clip). Within seconds, the world is introduced to a "perfect" baby boy, who the couple named Truett, the newest addition to their family.

    Incidentally, Kristin was scheduled for induction the next day at the Texas Children's Hospital-Pavilion for Women where she works as a childbirth educator.

    The GoPro team caught wind of the footage on YouTube, and commented, "Congrats to your family from the entire GoPro family!"

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