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    Katy Perry Does the Splits, Gisele Bündchen's Tiny Dancer Photo and More Celeb TBT Pics!

    Katy Perry ronysphotobooth/Instagram

    Katy Perry is very flexible!

    In honor of throwback Thursday today, the 29-year-old "Dark Horse" singer took to Instagram to share a funny flashback photo of her doing the splits with some colorful Disney characters.

    "#TBT to when I took my tour to DisneyWorld & we had the best time of our lives, proof's up," she wrote. In the shot, Perry, who's showing some skin in a sheer skirt and top, does the splits with her hands in the air as Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch in the background.

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    Gisele Bündchen also shared an Instagram pic. In the old photo, a very young Bündchen wears a dance costume while posing while members of her dance troup who are sporting the same outfit. "Ready to the show..How about the hairdo?? hahahaha #tbt #1992 #greatmemories Prontas para o show!!! Que tal o meu cabelo? hahahaha #paquitas #bonstempos," the model wrote with the childhood snapshot.

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    Another supermodel who celebrated TBT today was Cindy Crawford. Crawford posted a decades-old pic from a modeling shoot she did with Shaquille O'Neal. "#TBT with @Shaq, this picture is too funny! Any ideas for a fun caption?," she wrote.

    As for Sarah Michelle Gellar, the actress shared a super-precious childhood pic of her posing in a floral dress. "#TBT I think my posing was better at five," Gellar wrote. Too cute!

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