Dan Stevens, The Guest


Well, hey there, Dan Stevens

The star of the upcoming flick The Guest sure looks a lot different from his days on Downton Abbey.

In the movie trailer, Stevens shows off his incredibly tanned and buff bod, as well as his dangerous side—a far, far cry from his conservative attire and demeanor in the hit PBS series.

And while the actor has been forthcoming about getting into the shape of his life for the role, we haven't seen the results of all his hard work in the gym until now.

Last year, the Brit joked about his weight-loss transformation during a guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

"I've lost about 30 pounds since New Year, which, in British terms, is about two or three chins," he joked.

"It was for a role. It's always me, just different incarnations, different roles, different costumes and different sizes. As for the hair, it's pretty much my natural color. I went very dark for the last role, but I'll see where I go with it."

Stevens plays the role of David, an American soldier, who visits the family of his late friend and fellow soldier. Drama, and death, seem to follow his every move leaving the family wondering if their new houseguest is doing more harm than good.

The Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett-directed thriller is set to be released in theaters in the on Sept. 17.

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