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    Halle Berry & Jimmy Fallon Form Human Hamster Wheel: "That's How We Roll!"—Watch Now

    Don't try this at home, kids—unless you're under the strict supervision of Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon!

    The Extant star and Tonight Show host are quite talented, and on Tuesday, they showed off their acrobatic abilities by forming a human hamster wheel and rolling through the NBC studio. This required Halle, 47, and Jimmy, 39, to grab on to one another's ankles and rotate forward in a circular motion—like a hamster wheel, if you will!

    Before Jimmy and Halle showed the audience "how we roll," the late-night host lay face up, his his back on the mat, and promised his dress-wearing guest, "I'm not gonna peek, I promise!" The pair's starting position, however, had Jimmy's head positioned directly beneath Halle, giving him an easy opportunity to sneak a look up her dress. But he reassured her, "I'm not gonna look at anything. Just trust me."

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    Now Jimmy is a gentleman (and married—as is Halle) so he would never do such a thing, but he couldn't resist adding jokingly, "Alright, alright! I peeked, I peeked!" He then clarified he was kidding, saying, "I'm not looking," before they rolled into action.

    Both giggling, Halle and Jimmy were able to rotate five-and-a-half times in their human hamster wheel formation. When the late-night host reached the end of the mat, he simply fell forward instead of rolling ahead, collapsing into a heap in front of Halle.

    She gave her hamster-wheeling partner a high five and a hug, before the Tonight Show host declared once again, "That's how we roll"

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