Germany, Brazil

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

"….."—The entire planet during the Germany-Brazil World Cup game

How else do you react to a team like Brazil losing 7-1 in a World Cup semifinals game? You can't really react, can you? You're just sort of speechless.

But the Internet is never really speechless, is it? And once everyone got over their shock, Twitter went absolutely nuts as Germany scored goal after goal after goal, essentially handing Brazil, a team that is always feared in every World Cup, their own asses.

So while Brazil fans looked like this, the Internet looked like this:

He's out.

Send in Scooby. He probably could have done something.

The world will need a new word for "riot" after tonight, no doubt.


Always say it with a cake.


We think it, Jason Bateman says it. (Related: remember the movie Dodgeball? We haven't watched that one in a while...)

Seriously. By the time you wrote a witty tweet about how Brazil was losing 5-0 to Germany, another goal gets scored! It was madness.

Mean Girls will never not be applicable.


Ha! You thought a Frozen reference wouldn't sneak in here! WRONG.

Annnnd now this game is a punch line.

Flying at half-mast, no doubt.

And just because we are Americans, we couldn't help but remind the world:

Congrats, Germany fans! And Brazil fans, try and remember that this game could have been worse. For example, all your players could have spontaneously combusted right before your very eyes. That would have been worse.


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