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We Tried and Ranked Every Drink at Harry Potter World So You Don't Have to (but You Should Anyway!)

Harry Potter Drinks, Tierney Bricker, Kristin dos Santos Kristin dos Santos

Welcome  to Universal Orlando's Diagon Alley, please feel free to wait in line for 450 minutes!

It's Harry Potter day, Muggles! OK, not officially, but today, July 8, just so happens to be the world's most famous wizard's birthday and the official opening of the 40-acre nerd-vana that is Diagon Alley, the latest (and ridiculously epic) addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

And let us tell you, people are excited. Like, really excited. Excited enough to wait in line for 450 minutes, according to park-goers' tweets, for the newest attraction, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. Now that is some dedication.

But chances are Potterheads are probably getting bored waiting in line. There are only so many celebs you can sort into Hogwarts Houses before the fun wears off, you know? Which is why we're here to help, offering up our expertise on all of the Wizarding World's beverage offerings as we were lucky enough to attend the media preview of Diagon Alley (also known in our diaries as the best three days of our lives).

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Harry Potter Drinks, Tierney Bricker, Kristin dos Santos Kristin dos Santos

We tried all eight of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter's drinks that come straight from the pages of J.K. Rowling's masterpieces, but do they transport you to the Leaky Cauldron or leave you craving a Diet Coke? 

8. Gillywater: Gilly-infused water = flavored water. That's all you need to know. 

7. Peachtree Fizzing Tea: Light, refreshing, but not all-too-memorable, you know? We suggest trying it if you've already tried some others, just to earn top marks for your House. 

6. Butterbeer: The quintessential drink at the Wizarding World, butterbeer's ranking is slightly impacted by our insanely high expectations. And the fact that the frozen version is better. 

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Harry Potter Drinks, Tierney Bricker, Kristin dos Santos Kristin dos Santos

5. Tongue Tying Lemon Squash: It's lemonade. Like, it's good, super sugary (which seems to be the trend in WWOHP!) lemonade, but still, lemonade.

4. Pumpkin Juice: Listen, we may be biased because we are obsessed with all things fall (give us pumpkin-flavored everything, please!), but it's pretty cool that you can't get this anywhere else. The superiority alone gives it a flavorful kick. 

3. Frozen Butterbeer: If we could get this in a shot, it would be an insanely sweet shock to our sweets-loving system, but an entire mug of Harry Potter's most famous drink (which is definitely a must-try) was just a little too sweet. (PSA: Go to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Shop and try butterbeer ice cream. And salted caramel blondie ice cream. And all the ice cream.)

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Harry Potter Drinks, Tierney Bricker, Kristin dos Santos Kristin dos Santos

2. Fishy Green Ale: The coolest looking drink and the coolest tasting drink, we almost don't even want to spoil the sensation of sippin' on this ale-and-fish-eggs gem for the first time. (We suggest filming your friends when they do however.) Bonus: it's super yummy.

Harry Potter Drinks, Tierney Bricker, Kristin dos Santos Kristin dos Santos

1. Otter's Fizzy Orange Juice: Five words: Cinnamon. And. Sugar. On. The. Rim. Oh, what's that? You already booked your ticket? Good. A surprisingly light orange soda pairs perfectly with the cinnamon, for one of the best-tasting items served in Diagon Alley. 

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