Simon Collins

Will Ireland/Prog Magazine/TeamRock via Getty Images

This past weekend wasn't just another couple of days in paradise for Phil Collins' eldest son.

Simon Collins, 37, was arrested in England on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs and questioned for suspected possession of Class B narcotics, the Daily Mail reports.

He has since been released on bail at least through the month of August.

Per the United Kingdom's Misuse of Drugs Act, Class A substances include cocaine, psychedelics and opioids such as heroin and the painkiller oxycodone. Class B includes marijuana, amphetamines and sedatives such as Quaaludes.

The son of Phil and first wife Andrea Bertorelli, Simon followed in his dad's footsteps as a singer and drummer and made his stage debut at age 12 playing drums during one os Phil's shows. Lily Collins is his half-sister.

Simon currently fronts the prog-rock band Sound of Contact, which released its debut album, Dimensionaut, last year and was named Best New Group at the 2013 Progressive Music Awards in September.

Asked about his father's Genesis days and how their sound may have influenced his own musical tastes, Simon told AXS Entertainment in April, "So much of that material, it was groundbreaking back then and a lot of those songs were unprecedented.

"A lot of those bands set the bar so high. I think of bands like Pink Floyd and Genesis, and I'm not being biased or anything, but growing up around that music, when you're young and before you develop your own influences and your own musical tastes, you tend to listen to whatever your parents have lying around. For me, that was a lot of Genesis."

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