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This is it, the grand finale!

After weeks of intense competition, we're finally down to the last two categories in our 2014 Best. Ever. TV. Awards! And we've saved the biggest awards for last: best drama and best comedy of the year!

After compiling thousands of your nominations, we've narrowed down the list of nominees to just 15 seriously awesome shows in each category, and honestly, we don't envy your task.

So turn up the A.C., break out the Fourth of July-themed snacks and get comfy because we can't think of a better way to spend the holiday weekend than by voting for your favorite series to take home the biggest prize!

Voting in this round, as well as every other round of our competition, closes on Sunday, July 6 at 5 p.m. PT, so you have a little over two days to secure the win for your favorite drama and comedy!

To make sure your fellow fans are doing their part, spread the word about the tourney on Twitter using the #BestEverTVAwards hashtag!

So what are you waiting for? Rock the vote below! Then, make sure to go back and vote in all the previous categories, including best couple, most heartbreaking goodbye, breakout stars of the year and more!

And in case you missed it:

Vote for the best actor and actress in a drama

Vote for the best actor and actress in a comedy

Vote for TV's best couple and oddest couple

Vote for the best kiss and fight

Vote for the best shocker and moment that made you want to throw out your TV

Vote for the best baddie and best bitch

Vote for the sexiest moment and biggest tearjerker

Vote for the canceled series you'll miss the most

Vote for the best guilty pleasure and the new show you're most excited for

Vote for the most underrated series and the best new show

Vote for the breakout stars of the year

Vote for the best reality TV show

Vote for the best fandom and cast on Twitter