Not that there wasn't abundant evidence already that Romeo, Cruz, Brooklyn and Harper Beckham are genetically blessed and the odds are in their favor to grow up and be striking adults.

But now we see for certain that cuteness-at-all-ages runs in the family

E! News has exclusively obtained a clip from the documentary The Class of '92, featuring English football hero David Beckham talking about his childhood and early playing days for revered Premier League club Manchester United.

The charming video includes pics of the now-retired global superstar as a trophy-collecting little lad and a skilled teenager.

David Beckham


In the video, Becks talks about growing up in Leytonstone in East London, after which his family moved to Chingford and remained there till he set off at the age of 15 for Manchester, home of his father's all-time favorite club, Man United. He signed on as a trainee when he was 16.

"It was a weird experience for us local lads to see this Cockney lad knowing more about United than we did," laughs former Beckham teammate Ryan Giggs. "Bit embarrassing."

Beckham notes that his middle names are Robert and Joseph, Robert for Man U star Bobby Charlton "and Joseph was my granddad, a Tottenham fan. At Christmas my dad always used to buy me a new Man United kit, and my granddad always used to buy me the Tottenham kit."

When it came time to put those talented feet to the test, though, Man U was the club where the legend began.

"When we got there it was just brilliant, signing that paper," a teenage Beckham reminisces in the video. "I just couldn't believe it was happening."

David Beckham


And we can't believe how he handled a soccer ball when he was just a lad. (And how smokin' hot he remains to this day, etc.) Watch and enjoy!

The Class of '92 will be available July 8 on DVD from Universal Home Entertainment.

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