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A lesson from Game of Crowns: Don't wear the exact same outfit to the airport as your co-star.

While on their way to watch Lori-Ann Marchese and Leha Guilmette compete in Mrs. America, Vanassa Sebastian, a 2012 Mrs. America semi-finalist, and pageant newcomer Susanna Paliotta get in quite the heated argument in the middle of the airport over their ensemble. According to Vanassa, Susanna knew she was going to be wearing the outfit in question.

"The plane ride there, I was just beside myself," Vanassa says. "Susanna knew exactly what I was wearing to the airport. She knew this! And she wore it anyway. That's messed up. This girl wins one pageant and now all of a sudden, she's got, like, frickin' cojones the size of China? Seriously?"

And we're not talking about jeans and T-shirt; this is quite a specific clothing choice.

"Vanassa, don't be drama," Susanna advises her traveling mate after Vanassa tries to confront her. "I'm not drama, I'm going to set this s--t straight," Susanna says. And everything derails from here and the ladies give you your new favorite saying, "Don't be drama."

In conclusion, don't be drama and don't wear the same exact outfit as your friend. Or mentor. Or frenemey.

Game of Crowns premieres Sunday, July 13, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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