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7-Eleven Just Debuted "Doritos Loaded," Which Are Basically Mozzarella Sticks Made Out of Doritos

Doritos, 7-Eleven Twitter

We bet when you woke up today you thought there was no such thing as a food product that is essentially a mozzarella stick made out of Doritos.

Well, you were dead wrong, because there is such a thing. Thanks to 7-Eleven, people can put something called "Doritos Loaded" into their bodies.

There have been rumors about these cheese-stuffed Doritos for a while, because 7-Eleven has been testing these monstrosities at certain locations. Well, starting today, you can get them everywhere.

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Doritos, 7-Eleven Twitter

As you can see, the Doritos Loaded is a triangle-shaped piece of cheese that has been breaded with Doritos and, assumedly, deep-fried. For just $1.99, you can get a box of four, which will add 350 calories to your day.

"Doritos Loaded is a never-been-done-before, bold experience with a crunch and, particularly when paired with the intense flavor of Mountain Dew Solar Flare, creates the kind of snack I think our guests will love," Nancy Smith, 7-Eleven senior vice president said in a statement. "Today, we are bringing these exclusive products to the rest of the country."

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Oh, did we mention that there's also a drink called Mountain Dew Solar Flare? Yeah, that's a thing. Together, these two food items can probably take down the human race.

People have flocked to 7-Eleven to try out the cheesy treats, and the reviews are a mix between "This is what heaven tastes like" and "I'm probably going to die in 30 seconds."

So, would you guys try this? And if you survive, let us know how it is.

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