Jennifer Aniston gets the last laugh in the first trailer for Horrible Bosses 2.

She reprises her role as oversexed dentist Dr. Julia Harris in the upcoming comedy. Instead of directing her unwanted advances towards her former assistant (Charlie Day), however, she sets her sights on his partner in crime, Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman). "You ever done it in a dentist's chair?" Dr. Harris asks.

The former advertising exec tries to fend her off, saying, "Why don't you get the chair ready? I'm just going to visit the men's room real quick." Somehow, that manages to arouse Dr. Harris more so. "You're welcome to do that on me." He tells her he has to defecate, thinking she'll rebuff him. "And?" she asks.

Yeah. She went there.

The trailer also shows the vengeful trio, which includes Jason Sudeikis' Kurt Buckman, visiting a jailed David Harken (Kevin Spacey). "Hello Nick, guy who saved my life, guy who screwed my wife," the former Comnidyne Industries president tells the men who ruined his life. "So, what do you want from me?"

Without missing a beat, Buckman jokes, "Tell her I said hi, please."

In the sequel to the 2011 comedy, the pals try to start their own business but are tricked by an investor (Christoph Waltz). To get even, they devise a scheme to kidnap the investor's son (Chris Pine) and use him for ransom to regain control of their company. Jamie Foxx returns as Dean "Motherf--kah" Jones.

Directed by Sean Anders and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, Horrible Bosses 2 premieres Nov. 26.

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