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15 Things We Ate at the L.A. Street Food Festival (Including the Infamous Churro Ice Cream Sandwich)

LA Street Food Fest Instagram

Remember when we said we wanted one of those churro ice cream sandwiches? We weren't kidding around. After a wee bit of e-stalking Churro Borough, we found out they would be at last weekend's L.A. Street Food Festival. So we made sure we were at last weekend's L.A. Street Food Festival. 

And we ate that churro ice cream sandwich. We ate it real good. But there were 100-plus other vendors there and one small churro ice cream sandwich does not a full stomach make. So here is everything we ate this year:

1. A chicken Tomatillo Quito from TrukQuito.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

2. This basic-ass nacho from MexiCali Taco & Co.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

3. Cheesy Ranch Wachos (criss-cut fries with nacho toppings) from The Lobos Truck.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

4. A blue crab quesadilla from Street Food Co. BaJian Baja Asian Fare.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

(The most delicious of all the food food we ate. Very spicy. Surprisingly spicy, perhaps, with a nice creamy kick from whatever sauce is on top. The vendor seemed worried that he was out of something else—something with shrimp?—but we would eat a million of these quesadillas. Or at least enough samples to equal one actual quesadilla.)

5. Sweet and sour rib-eye beef with ginger from Starry Kitchen.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

Starry Kitchen's flier says they started as "an illegal + underground restaurant out of the back of [an] apartment in North Hollywood that eventually became the number one asian fusion restaurant in all of LA on Yelp (YAY!)" and that their only rule is "Please, 'No D-Bags!' SK is a D-bag free zone ^_^." At LASFF, the owner was singing karaoke in a banana costume. Maybe those in banana costumes shouldn't throw stones (but the beef was good).

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6. Half of a non-stuffed slider from Stuff N It Burgers.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

(7. The other half of a non-stuffed slider from Stuff N It.)

8. Beef heart from Misky Misky Cocina Peruana.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

(Yes, this is a cow's heart. And cow heart is apparently delicious. Some of the most flavorful meat we've ever eaten. Also, you don't eat the lettuce wrap that it's in, which we did not find out until afterward.)

9. Handmade sea salt ice cream with caramel ribbons from Salt & Straw.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

10 and 11. Honeydew (left) and peach "fluff" topped with condensed milk from Fluff Ice.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

(The peach was definitely the better of the two.)

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12. A maple glazed donut with (possibly vegan) bacon toppings from Donut Friend.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

(We say possibly vegan, because that was an option and it did not taste like bacon.)

13 and 14. A salted caramel cupcake and chocolate bacon cupcake from ConfeXion.

LA Street Food Festival John Boone

And last, but certainly not least...


LA Street Food Festival John Boone

We skipped past the sushi trucks and deli sandwiches to get to Churro Borough early, because we heard the line was insane. Guys, the line was INSANE. It wrapped around itself three times and took us about an hour and a half (guestimate) to get to the front. Because there were two of us, we were able to have one person hold our spot in the line while the other ran off to get cupcakes, ice cream, etc. to eat while waiting. Is this douchey? We don't know, but it is an efficient use of time.

Our churro ice cream sandwiches came with creamsicle ice cream in the middle. And look how cute they are! So was it worth an hour-plus wait in a line? We would say yes, if only because what else did we have to do? It was crunchy from the churro and perfectly sweet, but not too sweet. We would need to eat two or three to really fine-tune our opinions, but that would have required another three hours in line and who has time for that?

In the interest of fair and balanced news reporting, we also drank:

1 Petty Cash margarita
1 Golden Road "Days of Summer" Lager
2 Angel City Summer Wheat Beer
1 Singha Beer
1 Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer

But they were small Dixie cup servings, so the booze did not affect our palettes.

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