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Nicole Beharie, Sleepy Hollow, Pedro Pascal, Game of Thrones, Adelaide Kane, Reign, Robbie Kay, Once Upon a Time


Let's hear it for the newcomers!

With huge stars flocking to TV, it ain't easy for newcomers to make their mark these days, which makes this season's crop of scenestealers even more impressive. We'd like to see you steal the spotlight from Game of Thrones' insanely talented (and massive!) cast or go toe-to-toe with James Spader and hold your own.

Today's round of competition in our 2014 Best. Ever. TV. Awards is all about the season's breakout stars, the newbies who made such an impact on the small screen that it's hard to remember our DVRs before they were on 'em!

While several stars from freshman series, such as Sleepy Hollow's two leads and Reign's young queen, all made the short list of nominations, actors who joined established hits such as Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries and Orphan Black are also in the running to win Breakout Stars of the Year. (Last year's winners? Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards and Beauty and the Beast's Jay Ryan.)

Voting in this round, as well as every other category in our annual tourney, comes to an end on Sunday, July 6 at 5 p.m. PT. And honestly, we can't think of a better way to spend your holiday weekend than by voting as often and as many times as you'd like for your favorite series and stars.

And make sure your fellow fans are rocking the vote, too, by tweeting about the competition using the #BestEverTVAwards hashtag on Twitter. 

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