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    Cam Gigandet Disses "Miserable" O.C. Co-Stars Ben McKenzie and Mischa Barton

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    Cam Gigandet, Mischa Barton and Ben Mckenzie
    Cam Gigandet, Mischa Barton and Ben Mckenzie Getty Images

    C'mon, Cam Gigandet

    If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, right?

    The 31-year-old actor recently spoke with Elle magazine where he shared rather, ahem, candid thoughts on his former The O.C. co-stars, Mischa Barton and Ben McKenzie.

    When asked if it was fun to work with the latter, Gigandet replied, "No, actually Ben McKenzie was kind of mean to me. I hadn't done anything at that point and he was a little bit of an ass."

    He added, "But I love him, I think he's a great actor and I love Southland." (Heads up, the TNT show was cancelled more than a year ago.)

    Sounds like whatever drama was patched up between the two actors…but Gigandet's shade throwing didn't end there.

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    After being asked about the lead actress in the hit series, he told the fashion publication, "Mischa? Was she there? I don't even have memories of her."

    How can you not remember the one and only Marissa Cooper?! We digress…

    Gigandet continued, "I learned a lot. But the things that I remember now—none of them are good. It was only the third or fourth season. Those kids were f--cking miserable. They were just—they would not remember their lines on purpose."

    To the actor's defense, he had an idea as to why the cast may have acting the way they did.

    "They were young. I don't talk to anyone I've ever worked with."

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