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    Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Posts Pic of Luis Suarez, Jokes Accused World Cup Biter "New Cast Member"

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    Damon, watch out! Luis Suárez is behind you...and he looks hungry!

    The Uruguayan forward is making headlines because he is accused of biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup soccer match on Tuesday, June 24. The Internet is already being bombarded by fan-made memes and parodies. One caught the attention of one of its subjects, Ian Somerhalder, who posted the photo on his Instagram page.

    The photoshopped image incorporates a season 3 publicity photo of the CW's The Vampire Diaries and shows Suarez sporting fangs and appearing to bite the shoulder of the actor's character, the vampire Damon Salvatore.

    "Umm.. Apparently there's a new cast member joining @vampirediaries@luis16suarez!!" said Somerhalder, 35. "#WorldCup2014 #LuisSuarez #IanSomerhalder."

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    During Tuesday's match, Suarez's mouth was seen near Chiellini's shoulder and the latter player later sported bite marks on it. FIFA announced on its website on Wednesday, June 25, that it has begun disciplinary hearings against Suarez, who could be banned from playing professional soccer for a maximum of two years if found guilty of assaultSuarez has been barred twice in the past from other matches for biting.

    His lawyer told a Uruguay radio station that they are preparing a defense argument and feel the accusations were made "because it's Suarez and secondly because Italy was eliminated," according to Reuters. Uruguay had beaten Italy 1-0. 

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